Our company consists of experts in the Real Estate sector, with a wide knowledge of our zone and a large client and contact list.

We are professional and we work to offer you the best services to find quickly your housing, country property or any kind of property you want to buy or rent.

We are Authorized Partners for Promoting Arbitration Attorney, allowing us to offer our customers the Attorney Arbitration, which is the fastest and safest conflict resolution on leasing and buying and selling medium and, as the resolution of potential conflicts be done through the SIGNUM Notary Foundation created for the purpose by the Notary Association of Madrid (as we all know the notary in our legal system has the function of driver legality in legal transactions, and ensures legal certainty contractual relations).

Promoting With Attorney Arbitration Gustavo Perea Properties can offer you customers the peace of mind you require at the time of facing an operation lease or purchase.

Renting, selling or buying with us, you can now rest easy




Inside our property list you can find any type of Real Estate offer:

• Properties under construction
• Brand new and refurbished properties for sale
• Long-term properties for rent
• Apartments, houses, chalets and villas for holiday rent.
• Country tourism, (country houses for rent)
• Luxury properties for sale or rent
• Real Estate investments in our zone

¿Do you want to sale or rent your property?

Likewise, if you desire sale or rent your property, we help you to administer, in the best way, your property offer. You will have a guarantee with the best information and guidance about the market in your interest zone, and also, we will inform you, prior study, about the different possible options in order to get your objective quickly.

Our professional team is at your disposal to help you in any situation of your interest in our activity.

At this point we wish to inform you that on 13 April 2013 was published in the BOE Royal Decree 235/2013 of 5 April 2013 by the Basic Procedure for Certification of the Energy Performance of Buildings approved.

This Royal Decree establishes in its Article 5 , the responsibility of the property owner to delegate the implementation of energy certification of same , as well as conservation. This certification will be valid for 10 years.

From 1 June 2013 it is the obligation owner who wants to rent or sell your property, have the energy certificate . The purpose of this rule is that tenants and / or buyers are informed of the energy efficiency and maintenance have rented and / or purchased property.

Failure to comply with these obligations constitutes violations in defense of consumers and users .

This certification can be a positive or negative for rent or sell your property at a given time point.

At the same time , the Royal Decree establishes the obligation of the energy rating report in any media (hardware, digital, Web pages, etc. . ) Used for the marketing of the property .

In compliance with the rule and order that you can make the sale or rental of the property with us, we offer a service for specialized professionals to certify and thus meet the requirements imposed by the Royal Decree.

If you have any questions , or want to let us do the management of obtaining certification of the property subject of the order , you can fill out and submit the form provided in the link Form Energy Certificate application or contact us through this very page or by phone to get your free quote .


In any case, do not hesitate to seek advice, we are delighted to know you and inform you.

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